Commercial Exploitation License

Under the license No. 158 granted by DIMAR, the Colombian Maritime Authority, we are acredited as a maritime services company that labours in the activities of liquid and solid waste collection from cargo and passenger ships in the bay of Cartagena Colombia.

Port Operator Registration

As established in article 36 of the Law 1753 and the Resolution 7726 of March 1, 2016, the Superintendence of Ports and Transportation authorizes us to labor in the following activities: Collection of dumping, ballast, garbage and waste; boat services; collection of trash weights; services to the ship, the passenger, and/or the cargo related to the maritime port activity.

Operational and Environmental Management Resolution

Under Resolution No. 0118 of February 9, 2012, CARDIQUE (environmental authority in the área), authorizes us the contingency plan and the environmental management measures to be taken in the activities of liquid and solid waste disposal from the tourism and cargo ships that arrive to the different ports in the bay of Cartagena, Colombia.

Environmental License

Granted by the environmental authority in Cartagena (EPA, Establecimiento Público Ambiental) under Resolution No. 138 of July 15, 2015.


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