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At SERMAFLU SAS we are ready to provide our services of collection of liquid and solid waste from the Cruise Ships that are coming to Cartagena in this new cruising season.  

Training our Staff

This past December 2016, our staff participated in a series of IMO Training Courses in order to follow our commitment to train our staff. Check out our YouTube channel to see a short video of the maneuvers performed in the IMO Training Courses.  
At SERMAFLU SAS we are also committed to our city. We showed our support to the city of Cartagena in the past Fiestas de la Independencia were our barge, MN Dakota King lead the famous desfile de Balleneras. Local newspaper El Universal followed the festivities. (At 1:32 you can appreciate our barge)
News article of our support to an oily substances spill in the Cartagena Bay Area. ***(In the picture our vessel MN Draco deploying the containment barriers around the ship CNP Paita) Link  (spanish)